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New! Foldscope Premium Accessory Pack.

The Premium Accessory Pack is designed to complement the Foldscope Assembled Single Pouch.  This Premium Accessory Pack contains the essential accessories for specimen collection, slide mounting, viewing and imaging, all in an easy durable carrying pouch.  

Kit contents:

1. 1 intro Letter
2. 1 of 140X lens plus 2 magnetic couplers packed with bubble bag
3. 1 ziplock bag with nylon filter sheets (5, 25, 100 microns)
4. 1 ziplock bag with 3 reuseable PVC slides, 1 sheet of colorful circle dot sticker, 1 sheet of diffuser)
5. Ziplock bags (3 bags for collect samples)
6. 1 roll of super transparent tape
7. 1 3ML large pipette
8. 1 field guide card
9. 1 tweezers
10. 1 tool bag set includes: 1 scissor, strainer set (2 pieces 0.3mm, 1.5mm), 2 eppendorf tubes 1.5ml, 2 pipette 0.2ml
11. LED light module
12. Petri dish/12-Well Plate
13. Slide box set with 2 prepared slide, 3 blank slide.
14. Nylon carrying Pouch.

Dimensions:  235mm x 115mm x 8mm or 9.25in x 4.52in x .31in.

Weight:  .68 lbs.

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