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In-person workshop in Los Olivos district (Lima, Peru)

by Paola Moreno-Roman



When I moved back to Peru a few months ago, one of my goals was to find ways to apply my connection to Foldscope to support the local education system. On June 13th, I took one more step towards turning this vision into reality: I led my first in-person Foldscope workshop since moving back. I met with teachers from the “Carlos Chiyoteru Hiraoka” elementary school in Los Olivos District (Lima, Peru). This opportunity came about through the introduction of Elba Luna, a dedicated mother who had heard about Foldscope and reached out to me. After connecting online and discovering that I was in Lima, Elba kindly invited me to visit her daughters' school and meet the teachers. Eagerly, I accepted the invitation.

A few days later, I found myself on my way to the Los Olivos district in Lima, where the school was located. I was aware that Lima’s morning traffic is terrible, and because I live quite far from the school, I planned my journey meticulously and arrived on time. The teachers were already waiting for me in a classroom that they usually use as a mini-library for their students.


After organizing everything I needed, the workshop began! I commenced with a brief introduction about Foldscope - who are we and what is it; quickly diving into the hands-on portion: assembling and learning to use the Foldscopes. 


Each teacher successfully assembled their own Foldscope, and we proceeded to test them together. Our first sample was hair, a personal favorite of mine, as it effectively demonstrates how to utilize the Foldscope's focus ramp. 

The excitement grew as we resumed our Foldscope exploration. We discussed the significance of proper sample preparation and the teachers eagerly began preparing samples and examining them under the Foldscope. Along with their Foldscopes, they had purchased a slide box with prepared slides so it was a great opportunity to discuss the importance of dyes in sample preparation and adequate sectioning. The teachers’ enthusiasm was infectious, and we started brainstorming ways to incorporate this valuable tool into their classrooms. I made sure to address all their questions before concluding the workshop.

I am incredibly grateful for the chance to meet with these dedicated teachers and to support their remarkable work by training them on Foldscope usage. I am excited to continue working on similar projects throughout Peru in the upcoming months.