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We have a number of organizations and communities across the world with whom we partner put our tools into practice in amazing ways. Here are just a few.


The Nematode Project
Partner: Soil Science Lab

Become a Scientist in your Own Backyard

The Citizen-Science Soil Lab project focuses on environmental science with a social justice cause for all individuals to participate and help with positive change. Every person deserves to breathe clean air, and to have access to clean water and healthy food. Unfortunately, it is not the case for everyone due to climate change and redlining (i.e., discriminatory practice where access and opportunities are withheld from individuals who reside in neighborhoods classified as "undesirable.")

This project is a longitudinal study that will analyze the impact of climate change through the collection of soil, location, and nematode data from around the world. This study is open to anyone. All individuals participating in the project will have access to the data to innovate new technologies to improve soil quality, better intervention to adapt to or slow climate change, and spotlight purposeful injustice to a local official and make positive change.

Foldscope Instruments, Inc. supports the Citizen-Science Soil Lab project through our low-cost and high-performance portable paper microscope, the Foldscope. We invite everyone to sign up and participate in this important, fun, and exciting project on the Soil Science lab website. The participation of our explorers in data collection from local soil samples is crucial for the success of this project!

If you are using a Foldscope for your soil data collection and processing, don't forget to share your submissions and scientific observations on the Microcosmos!


India Training
Partner: Government of India

Large group of students at Indian Foldscope Training Workshop

We've partnered with the the Department of Biotechnology in the Government of India to allocate resources across schools, colleges and universities to equip and train thousands of students in the use of Foldscope and microscopy in general.  

In addition, we have identified Foldscope Fellows, individuals who have not only. a passion for Foldscopes but for teaching and training the next generation.  Our India Fellows:

    • Mo Pandirajan - follow his adventures on twitter @MMopatnsf
    • Rafikh Shaikh - follow his adventures on twitter @edurafi
    • Akshatha Nayak
    • Sonali Kadam

We thank them for their continued efforts. 

Be a Fiscal Partner

You can be our partner and help support the mission of Foldscope by donating to our financial affiliate. Funds will be used to support our social mission.