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Foldscope - The Amazing Paper Microscope!

Foldscope is the paper microscope that began as an idea to make science more accessible. That idea has grown into a company that now delivers low-cost tools around the world! Foldscope has reached over1.5 million peopleand created an online community of explorers unlike any other.

Case Study: Ector County ISD (ECISD), a public school district in Odessa, Texas

Igniting Curiosity and Discovery Through a New Lens: How a Paper Microscope Created New Opportunities for Students, Teachers and Parents

On a cool day in November 2020, students in a science classroom in West Texas did not rush to the cafeteria for lunch. The students were so engaged with their science lesson they wanted to stay in the classroom and continue working rather than join their friends and eat. What exciting lesson were these students engaged in? The students had each been given a Foldscope microscope to assemble and use, and they were so excited and engaged they did not want their science class to be over that day.

This engaging experience has been made available to every fifth and seventh-grade student in Ector County.