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Training Services


Foldscope Training Services educational programs are led by a Foldscope Team Member and provide highly-skilled guided instruction about Foldscope and various applications. These programs are available for purchase. By completing one of our courses, participants will quickly master how to use Foldscope, learn microscopy skills, and prepare to lead others in scientific explorations. Learn how to use Foldscope from the experts!

Who should Attend?

The programs are open to everyone. They are ideally suited for educators who will lead others in scientific explorations using their Foldscopes.


The programs can take place in-person or online via Zoom.


We currently offer two packages: Basic Package and Advanced Add-Ons. View our Training Programs PDF for detailed descriptions of our packages. Specialized packages are available upon request, send inquiries to training@foldscope.com.

Basic Package

The Basic Package provides the training required to become a proficient Foldscope user.

Includes: 1 training session, 20 unassembled Foldscopes, 20 sets of materials, 20 certificates of completion, and 20 ‘Foldscope Trainer’ patches.

Maximum # of Attendees: 20

Duration: Up to 4 hours (half-day)

Modules: Foldscope Assembly, Specimen Collection, Basics of Sample Preparation, and Basics of Foldscope Use.

Advanced Add-Ons

Advanced Add-On packages build off of what was learned in the Basic Package and provide in-depth instruction about a specific subject or skill.

Includes: 1 training session, 1 Lesson plan in PDF format. Materials specified in each module are included.

Prerequisite: Basic Package training

Duration: 1 hour

Modules: Aqueous Samples, Design your own Foldscope class, Hunting for Tardigrades, Pollen, Stomata, and more. (Looking for a different subject or skill? Send inquiries to training@foldscope.com)

What You Gain from Training Programs

Expertise in using Foldscope

Basic to advanced microscopy skills

Confidence and knowledge to lead others in scientific explorations

Certificate of Training Program Completion

Official ‘Foldscope Trainer’ Patch [see image right]

The completion of the Basic Package allows participants to purchase Advanced Add-Ons

Foldscope Trainer Patch


View our Training Programs PDF for the pricing of our packages. Or order you free 15-min consultation to learn more about our services and pricing from Dr. Moreno-Roman.

Contact Form

To inquire to purchase Foldscope Training Programs, either fill out the form below or email training@foldscope.com


Paola Moreno-Roman, Ph.D

Paola Moreno-Roman was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She majored in Biology at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Peru). Afterwards, Paola moved to the U.S. and obtained her doctoral degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology at Stanford University. As a Stanford graduate student, Paola studied how stem cells become intestinal cells in fruit flies. Besides doing scientific research, Paola worked to use the universality of science as a means to connect individuals from diverse backgrounds. Her personal circumstances led her to place a high value on mentorship and its crucial role in diversity and inclusion initiatives. This conviction led Paola to be involved in a wide variety of science outreach initiatives in both the U.S. and in Peru.

Currently, Paola is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Foldscope Instruments, Inc. where she works on establishing new partnerships and strengthening existing ones to achieve our mission of making science accessible to everyone regardless of their age, socio-economic background, citizenship, etc.


Ector County Independent School District’s Camp SIP

“This is an awesome group and it has been a wonderful activity. (They had an) opportunity to work with Foldscopes and they have really enjoyed it, especially going and looking for different specimens. That was our favorite part,” — Mayra Alvarez, SIP teacher

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Can I ask for a customized lesson plan?

Yes, just email us at training@foldscope.com

What if I don’t have exactly 20 attendees?

That is ok. You will still receive all the materials (Foldscope + materials) for 20 people.

Do participants of the Training Program receive an official certification?

Yes, after confirmation of attendance.

Do you have online resources available for additional lesson plans?

Yes, you can find them on our Lesson Plans page.

Are retraining sessions necessary for using Foldscope?

If someone is frequently using the Foldscope, there is no need to retrain them. However, we recommend someone gets retrained if they have not used Foldscope for an extended period of time, if they are seeking to learn a new/advanced skill, or if there are new technological developments with Foldscope that were not covered during the participant’s initial training program.

Will you offer more advanced Foldscope training?

Yes, we are preparing more advanced add-ons - stay tuned!

How to connect to your global community?

Join our Microcosmos community to interact with Foldscope users around the world!

Have Foldscopes become part of the standard curriculum in any schools or universities?

Yes they have, it has been incorporated into the curriculum of schools and colleges such as Stanford University, CalTech, University of Delaware, etc. You can read about the impact Foldscope has been having on students of the Ector County Independent School District (Texas, US).

If you have additional questions, please visit Foldscope’s general FAQ page.

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