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The Basics

Learn how to assemble your Foldscope and view your first sample.

Learn how to prepare glass slides for viewing in the Foldscope.

Learn to prepare paper slides for viewing in the Foldscope.

Learn the 3 ways you can view samples (by eye, by phone, and by projection) with your Foldscope.

Microcosmos Related Tutorials

Learn how to register on our community website, Microcosmos, and start sharing your discovery with fellow Foldscope users around the world!

Learn how to geotag your existing Microcosmos posts so that you can keep track of where you have been exploring.

Foldscope at Home

Looking for inspiration? Foldscope at Home is our video series of everyday explorations that you can try yourself. Each video contains a macroscopic view of a sample, a quick demonstration of slide preparation and insertion into the Foldscope, a microscopic view of the sample, and some science facts.

View playlist of our 45+ episode series!

Translated Tutorials



For more videos, visit our YouTube Channel!