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Explore the table below to see if there is an Authorized Foldscope Distributoror Reseller in your area.

This table displays the official and comprehensive list of groups authorized by Foldscope Instruments, Inc. If a group is claims to be a distributor but is not listed here, they are not authorized. Look for the official Distributor or Reseller seal with unique Distributor ID Code to confirm the group is sanctioned by Foldscope Instruments, Inc.

If you are interested in contacting or becoming a distributor please contact sales@foldscope.com.

 Location  Distributor  Distributor ID Code  Website (if applicable)


TechnoFun for Educational Toys and Tools  AF002020190001  https://technofuneg.com/
 Egypt Research Valley 4.0  AF002020190008  


Outreach Technology, Inc. 


Website:  www.outreachtechnology.org 

Email contact: Info@outreachtechnology.org

 Ghana Bugseye, Co., Ltd  AF023320190007  
 Namibia Rosebam Investment cc  AF026420190002  
 Nigeria Anniversary Click,Ltd.  AF023420190009 https://www.anniversaryclick.com
 Nigeria Fairwell International Ltd.  AF023420190003  
 Nigeria Marketiwa Global Concept  AF023420190004  
 Nigeria Mehdi Alpacini Management Limited  AF023420190005  
 Nigeria Starkhouse Nigeria  AF023420190006  
 Bangladesh PasheAchi  AS088020200022 https://foldscope.com.bd/  
 Bangladesh Onubikkhon.com  AS088020190013 http://Onubikkhon.com/
 India  Butterfly Edufields Private Limited  AS009120180001 https://www.butterflyfields.com/
 India  FundooLabs Creative Learning LLP  AS009120180002 https://www.fundoolabs.in/
 India  FunScholar Inc.  AS009120180003  https://www.funscholar.com/
 India  Gubbi Labs LLP  AS009120180004  https://gubbilabs.in/shop/
 India  Ammaji Publications  AS009120190001  
 India  Vital Science Industry  AS009120190009  
 Indonesia  Komunitas Anak Negeri Peduli Indonesia (ANPI Community)  AS006220200022  http://foldscope.id  
Indonesia PT Global Educollab Indonesia
Jl. Raharja Indah 3 Blok A1 No. 2
Josroyo Indah, Jaten
Karanganyar 57731 Indonesia
Agus Fitriandi, CEO
AS006220220030 https://globaleducollab.org/
 Iraq  Knowledge Space  AF002020190008  
 Japan  ONE Market JAPAN  AS096420190012  https://www.foldscopejapan.com/  
 Jordan  Karaz Medical Est.


Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Ubekistan ITC Company


 Malaysia  LAB-IND RESOURCE SDN BHD  AS006020180005  http://www.mylabind.com/
 Malaysia  AL VERITAS SDN BHD  AS006020190002  
 Malaysia Mafix World Group Sdn Bhd  AS006020190003  http://www.mafixworld.com/
 Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei TECHNOPAX SDN. BHD.  AS006020190004  https://foldscope.com.my/
 Malaysia Omicsbar Enterprise  AS006020190010  
 Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Egypt STW E-Commerce FZ LLC  AS097120190018  http://Shoptheworld.ooo/
 Mongolia Cyclo Trade, LLC.  AS097620190016  
 Nepal Frugal Science Nepal  AS097720190008  https://www.foldscopenepal.com/
Nepal Simulation Science Center Pvt. Ltd. AS097720230032 simulationsciencecenter01@gmail.com
Philippines  JCDM Online Shop  AS006320200024  Email: info@jcdmshop.com
Website: https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/mosco/FoldscopePhilippines
 Russia  Anastasia Dumkina  AS000720200025 http://www.sand-therapy.ru
 Singapore  Read Think Learn Education Hub  AS006520190005  https://readthinklearn.education/
 Taiwan  Best Applied Energy Corporation  AS088620200026  kolechien@cosmosinfinity.com
 Thailand  More Than a Sandbox Co., Ltd.  AS006620190017 https://www.foldscope-thailand.com/ https://www.facebook.com/foldscopethailand
 Turkey İSTANBUL INOVASYON EĞİTİM VE TEKNOLOJİ LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ  AS009020190015  https://www.foldscopeturkiye.com/
 Vietnam  BoardGame VN Co, Ltd.  AS008420190006  https://www.foldscope.vn/
 Vietnam  DonCorpJSC  AS008420190007  
 Germany  Jonas Otten  EU004920190001  https://www.jot-entdecken.de/
 Spain  Leboriz S.L.U.  EU003420190002  https://www.leboriz.com/
 USA  Thermo Fisher Scientific  NA000120180002  Please call +1-800-955-1177, or visit https://www.fishersci.com/us/en/home.html
 Mexico   JUAN JOSE MORALES TREJO  NA005220190004
calls or whatsapp: +52-222-436-1670
 Mexico  MakerMex SA de CV  NA005220190003  http://makermex.com/shop/product/microscopio-foldscope-104 or Email: info@makermex.com
 Brazil  WeCap Technology LTDa  SA005520180001  https://wecaptech.com/
 Chile  IMPLEMENTOS DE LABORATORIOS, MARÍA ROSA FLORES MOLINA E.I.R.L.., “Microcuriosidades”  SA005620200004  Email: mrflores@uc.cl
 Chile  Micromundo SPA Chile  SA005620200005  http://www.micromundo.team
 Colombia  Mario Pacheco Ocampo  SA005720190002  
 Costa Rica  Dedico De Costa Rica S.A.  SA050620200006  
 Peru  Episteme Total S.A.C  SA005120200007  http://www.stemperu.com/ Email: foldscope@stemperu.com
 Peru  ExperiaLab  SA005120190003  https://www.facebook.com/experialab/
Australia Ingenius AU AS003620220029

Official Foldscope Seal

Look for the official Distributor or Reseller seal with unique Distributor ID Code to confirm the group is sanctioned by Foldscope Instruments, Inc.