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Foldscope has been used in elementary to college level classrooms, remote learning, homeschooling, government programs, and more!

Read below to see what Foldscope users are saying.

As a tropical biologist, I spend a lot of my time showing [students] what they can see [in nature], like the big trees, the beautiful ecosystems, and very charismatic species like the jaguar or harpy eagle - things that are very conspicuous. But most of the things [in nature] are tiny! From the experience we have had last year with our [Foldscope] workshops, it opened up an area of knowledge that we're not even tapping into--so the tool-- it's huge. I think the potential is incredibly big… This shows the immense potential of curiosity, research and learning that every child has, when you put in their hands a tool so simple, but at the same time so powerful.

— Carmen Chavez, Director, Peru Programs, ACEER

…it can get wet, crumpled up, muddy, etc. and still function. As long as your little micro-lens isn’t damaged, it isn’t too hard to slip in a slide of your material and view it.

— Aaron Pomerantz, Amazon Rainforest Researcher

Lab members ran @TeamFoldscope workshop in Palestine where the students were trained to build, use and teach using the origami microscopes. We hope the 100+ scopes left help spread/share the joy of science, curiosity and discovery.

— Daniel Colón-Ramas, Professor, Yale; Co-Founder, Ciencia Puerto Rico

"One of the best hands-on STEM activities I've seen in a while because there is 100% engagement!”  “I will definitely use this in my plant science unit. It will be perfect to use for not only the plant itself, but the pests as well. I can use it for the diseases and the insects to inspect the signs and symptoms of the plant.”

— Cody Floyd Agriculture Teacher/FFAAdvisor, St. George MiddleSchool

I take it with me everywhere I travel. I use it as a first approximation to look at samples in the field. I took this to the Galàpagos last January, and I was able to capture images of a large number of planktonic species… It’s lightweight and compact, and the quality of the image is really fantastic.

— Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Foldscope is for me a magic third eye for any curious person wishing to familiarize themselves with nature in general and the microscopic world in particular.

— Amadou Guissé, Doctoral Student, Gaston Berger University, Saint Louis, Senegal

I believe Foldscope’s mission to place a microscope in the hands of every student in the world is remarkable. Providing high-quality and affordable educational resources for students to discover and engage in scientific inquiry is very important.  Throughout our work together, I observed 100% active engagement in inquiry-based learning at all levels… from 8th-grade students in an Introductory Agriscience and Technology course to Agriscience Teachers who have been teaching from as few one to over 25 years. Very impressive and very rewarding to see such an impactful professional development experience occur for our agriscience students and teachers in South Carolina!

-- Catherine A. DiBenedetto, Ph.D. Clemson University - Associate Professor, Agricultural Education