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Large Mini Classroom Kit (100 Foldscope Mini Paper Microscopes)

The Large Mini Classroom Kit provides 100 unassembled Foldscope Mini microscopes and 20 sets of Mini Accessory Pouches. This kit gives a group of explorers a microscope for each person and the essential accessories to start exploring.


  • 1 Welcome Letter
  • 100 unassembled Foldscope Minis (140X lens attached)
  • 100 Sticker Bags - comes adhered to each unassembled Foldscope Mini - each contains:
    • 2 pcs of blank trading cards
    • 1 sheet of 1X thin ring sticker
    • 1 promotional sticker
    • 1 ID sticker
    • 1 Cotton Swab
  • 20 Mini Accessory Pouches - each contains:
    • 1 White nylon Pouch
    • 1 field guide card
    • 1 set of ziplock bag set (4 ziplock bag)
    • 1 microprint trading card
    • 1 of 3-slide box set (2 prepared slide+1 blank slide)
    • 1 tweezer
    • 1 scissor
    • 2 Eppendorf tube 1.5ml
    • 1 cotton swab
    • 1 small pipette 0.2ml
    • 1 large pipette 3ML

Why choose the Large Mini Classroom Kit?

This kit is ideal for groups, young explorers, and for those looking to get the most bang for their buck. In just seconds, transform a flat sheet of paper into a fully functional microscope. With the Foldscope Mini, you get maximum convenience along with the same robust features you expect from a Foldscope – 140X magnification, great portability, and rugged durability. The Foldscope Mini offers instant setup and easy operation, making it the go-to choice for young explorers, group events, and on-the-go exploration. 

This kit is the perfect gift for any group – from a classroom to a scientific conference, or a birthday party to a bioblitz. With the Mini Classroom Kit, you can give the gift of discovery.


  • 140X Magnification – Magnification on par with traditional classroom microscopes and our flagship product, the Foldscope.
  • Fastest Assembly Time – Assemble in under 15 seconds. No lengthy assembly process, instructions are printed directly on the sheet. 
  • Intuitive Controls – Controls at your fingertips for a seamless viewing experience. Simply pinch to focus. Use fingers to move samples. View samples by eye. It’s that easy.
  • Durability – Made from a waterproof, tear resistant paper.
  • Pocket Sized Portability – Our smallest microscope yet. Slip the Foldscope Mini into your pocket or backpack and carry the wonders of microscopy wherever you go, from on a hike to in the classroom.
  • Microscopy for All – With its extremely simple and user-friendly design, the Foldscope Mini is an accessible entry-point to microscopy for anyone regardless of age or experience.
    Weight: 15.354 in X 12.20 in X 5.51 in., 7.05lbs.

    Note: Unlike our earlier Foldscopes, the Foldscope Mini is not designed for magnetic coupling to a phone camera or to a light module.