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Mini Accessory Pack

The Mini Accessory Pack is designed to complement the Foldscope Mini kits. This Accessory Pack contains the essential accessories for specimen collection, slide mounting, viewing and imaging, all in a durable, easy-to-use carrying pouch.


  • 1 white nylon carrying pouch - contains:
    • 1 Welcome letter
    • 1 field guide card
    • 1 set of ziplock bag set (4 ziplock bag)
    • 1 microprint trading card
    • 1 of 3-slide box set (2 prepared slide+1 blank slide)
    • 1 tweezer
    • 1 scissor
    • 2 Eppendorf tube 1.5ml
    • 1 cotton swab
    • 1 small pipette 0.2ml
    • 1 large pipette 3ML

Dimensions: 9.05in x 4.53in x .59in

Weight: .13 lbs.