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MicroRealms Explorer Cards - Series 1

NEW! MicroRealms Explorer Cards are an innovative trading card series by Foldscope that reinvents the way you collect, share and explore real scientific specimens. These trading cards can be used with Foldscope 2.0 and Foldscope Mini

Why Choose MicroRealms Explorer Cards?

These aren't your typical trading cards - every card is a window to the microscopic world! Whether you're taking your first steps into the world of microscopy or a seasoned scientist seeking a unique educational tool, these cards are the perfect combination of microscopy, art, and adventure.


  • Real Specimens – In the center of each card is a real specimen, mounted like a traditional microscope slide. 
  • Custom Illustrations – Stunning illustrations highlight macroscopic and microscopic features of the specimen that you can look for with your Foldscope.
  • Scientific Information  Learn more about each specimen from the fun and informative information included on every card.
  • Online Community MicroRealms Explorer cards are integrated with the Microcosmos (Foldscope's online community)


SERIES 1 – The following specimens are included in this series of trading cards:

  • Honey Bee - Hind Leg
  • Squash - Root
  • Frog - Red Blood Cells
  • Water Flea
  • Mold

Stay tuned for more packs of Explorer Cards in the future!  Subscribe to our newsletter for news on the latest drops.