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  • Summary:

    • Plants grow leaves in the spring and begin the process of photosynthesis,
    • Close observation can reveal the slight differences between the shapes and colors in plant cells,
    • Use your Foldscope to collect data about the shape and color of a variety of plant cells and share it on the Microcosmos!!
  • As spring gets closer and closer, people with seasonal allergies begin reaching for tissues for their runny noses. I decided to do some microscopic explorations of tissues with my Foldscope 2.0. Read on to find out what I saw!
  • It is March and spring flowers are starting to bloom. The flowers growing next to my house have prominent stamens topped with anthers covered in pollen. Of course, I wondered what the pollen would look like under my Foldscope!
  • Summary:

    • Dr. Marie Clark Taylor, an African American botanist was the first woman of any race to get an advanced scientific degree from Fordham University,
    • Taylor encouraged the use of microscopes and real biological samples in schools to improve science education,
    • Use your Foldscope to observe botany in action and share what you discover on the Microcosmos!!
  • I have seen a lot of red foods lately and I took that as a sign that I should put them under my Foldscope 2.0! Read on to find out what the color red looks like on a microscopic level!
  • In this blog, I put some flower petals under aFoldscope 2.0. What I saw absolutely blew me away!
  • Summary:

    • Shadows are caused by objects that block the path of light,
    • Some objects only block some light, letting you see them in a microscope,
    • Use your Foldscope Mini to explore shadows and microscopy and share what you discover on the Microcosmos!!
  • Did you get a Foldscope as a gift? Now that the excitement of such a great present has turned into curiosity, are you wondering how to begin your microscopy journey? Then this blog is for you! Read on to get some tips on how to get the most out of your Foldscope experience!
  • Recently I was enjoying a slice of birthday cake and I decided to sacrifice a small bit for microscopic study. And, yes, the sacrifice was completely worth it!
    • When science is presented as a mystery to be solved, student engagement increases.
    • When students create content, their understanding deepens.
    • Use your Foldscope to create your own mystery photos and share them on the Microcosmos!!
  • There is more to a healthy aquarium than what you can see with the naked eye. If you take a close look with a Foldscope, you can discover an entire ecosystem of microbial life! This is exactly what I did with my Foldscope 2.0! Read on to find out what I saw!
  • The colder weather may be keeping you indoors, but you can still have fun exploring the microscopic world with your Foldscope!