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Ring Stickers (150 stickers)

Ring stickers- are helpful for protecting bulky or fragile samples-- they act as spacers so that your sample doesn’t get squished by the coverslip. They also create wells to contain water samples. To use a ring sticker, peel one off the backing and stick it in the center of a blank slide. Peel off the sticker’s transparent plastic cover, then place your sample in the center of the ring. Cover your sample by sticking either the peel-off coverslip or a glass coverslip over the top of the ring. With three thicknesses (thin, 3XT, and 8XT), if one ring sticker is too shallow, try another size. Samples that you might want to mount with a ring sticker include:

  • Insects and insect parts

  • Pond water

  • Inner part of a flower

150 Stickers. 3 sheets of 30 Thin ring stickers, 1 sheet of 30 3XT ring stickers, 1 sheet of 30 8XT ring stickers.

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