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Basic Classroom Kit 2.0 (20 Foldscope 2.0 Paper Microscopes).

The Basic Classroom Kit 2.0 provides 20 unassembled Foldscope 2.0 microscopes and 20 sets of accessories. This kit is designed to provide a group with a microscope for each person and the essential accessories to start exploring. Each unassembled Foldscope 2.0 arrives in an Assembly Booklet. Assemble in under 10 minutes and start exploring! This kit is ideal for groups and for those looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Why choose the Basic Classroom Kit 2.0?

You get all the functionality of Foldscope 2.0 in the most economical kit. In under 10 minutes, build your own fully functional microscope. This kit is the perfect gift for any group – from a classroom to a scientific conference, or a birthday party to a bioblitz. With the Basic Classroom Kit 2.0, you can give the gift of discovery. Share 20 Foldscope 2.0s with your friends, or have a stash of your own for endless exploration!


  • Ultra-Simplified Assembly – Assemble in under 10 minutes with our simple and highly-visual 6-step instruction booklet.
  • Multi-Viewing Options – Observe your samples by Eye, Phone, or Projection
  • Advanced Focus and Panning – Easily explore samples with precision controls. Foldscope 2.0 has improved functionality throughout its design: from focusing, to slide insertion, to panning.


  • 20 Unassembled Foldscope 2.0
  • 20 Accessory Bags - each contains:
    • 2 Blank Trading Cards
    • 2 Sheets of Clear Stickers
    • 1 Sheet of Ring Stickers
    • 1 140x Lens
    • 1 Phone Coupler
    • 1 Fun Sticker
    • 1 Cotton Swab
    • 1 ID Sticker
  • 1 Welcome Letter

     Shipping Dimension & Weight:  11 x 6 x 5 Inches, 3.12lbs.

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