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Large Classroom Kit 2.0 (100 Foldscope 2.0 Paper Microscopes)

The Large Classroom Kit 2.0 (LCK2.0) gives you the scale and flexibility to work with groups in a number of different ways. The kit contains 100 sets of the essentials (Foldscope 2.0 paper microscopes and 140x lenses, cell phone couplers, instruction sheets, carrying pouch, paper and tape slides), and 20 sets of accessories (see list below). This balance keeps the kit more affordable while allowing students to work in groups to take advantage of shared accessories that will greatly increase their capabilities for performing more careful and advanced experiments.


  • 100 Foldscope 2.0 Assembly Kits - each contains:
    • Parts for Foldscope 2.0 (4 pieces, unassembled)
    • Simple Assembly Instructions
    • 140X Lens
    • Phone Coupler
    • 2 sheets of Clear Stickers
    • 2 Blank Trading Cards
    • 1 sheet of 1X Thin Ring Sticker
    • 1 Promotional Sticker
    • 1 ID sticker
    • 1 Cotton Swab
    • PE Ziplock bag
  • 20 Grey Nylon Accessory Pouches each contains:
    • Welcome letter PAP2.0
    • Nylon filter sheet bag
    • 1 sheet of color dot sticker
    • 1 sheet of diffuser sheet
    • 1 microprint trading card
    • 1 cotton swab
    • 1 set of ziplock bag set (4 ziplock bag)
    • 1 field guide card
    • 1 of 3-slide box set (2 prepared slide+1 blank slide)
    • 1 tweezer
    • 1 scissor
    • 2 metal strainers (blue & black)
    • 2 Eppendorf tube 1.5ml
    • 1 small pipette 0.2ml
    • 1 Petri dish and well plate
    • 1 large pipette 3ML
    • 1 LED light module with coupler inserted
Shipping Dimension & Weight: 16.14 x 15.35 x 10.23 Inches, 15.87lbs.

    Tutorial videos and resources available:  https://foldscope.com/pages/tutorials

    We also offer in-person as well as remote training for teachers.  Check out our new Training Services.


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