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What is the Microcosmos?

The Microcosmos is Foldscope’s official online community platform. It is a free social network for Foldscope users.

The main goal of the Microcosmos is to connect people to science & provide Foldscope users with a platform to share their explorations. Foldscope gives people the opportunity to explore the microscopic world first-hand, the Microcosmos is the place where people can share what they discover — and not only that, it is a place to see what other Foldscope users are doing, a place to discuss science openly , and a place for grassroots organization and crowdsourcing information.

Who is the Microcosmos for?

Everyone! The Microcosmos website is free and open for everyone to explore. It is a space that encourages openness and inclusion, regardless of scientific experience or background. Scientists & experts do provide tremendous value to the Microcosmos community by sharing their expertise in posts, commenting on others observations, and helping to lead and structure projects. Educators are also an incredible part of the Microcosmos community. From elementary to college-level instructors, many educators have incorporated Foldscope into their curricula and used the Microcosmos as a way to document and share their students’ findings. Overall, the Microcosmos is not just a place for scientists or teachers, it is a place for any curious mind to get lost in the microscopic world.

Who can post on the Microcosmos?

Only Foldscope users can create an account and post observations.

Every Foldscope comes with a unique ID Sticker. The ID sticker has a specially generated code. Input this code during the registration process on the Microcosmos website to create an account and become able to make posts, comment, and more. If you do not have a Foldscope, you will not be able to create or comment on Microcosmos posts. However, you will still be able to browse the Microcosmos’ entire collection of existing posts, which we encourage you to do! If want to purchase a Foldscope and join our dynamic community, please visit our store.  

Visit the Microcosmos to see what Foldscope users are up to!