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Frugal Innovation Workshop In Rural India

Over 600 students participated in the workshop!

Our Foldscope Team traveled to rural India to hold a workshop at the DEI ICT Center Rajaborari for students belonging to tribal, rural, and aspirational districts.

“The kids were incredibly enthusiastic and curious. They asked me fantastic questions and were absolutely thrilled to have the Foldscope available as a tool for them to use.”
— Jim Cybulski, CEO of Foldscope

All hands on deck to set up the tent for the workshop—using beautiful local tapestries.

So many eager learners excited about the discoveries they can make with the Foldscope.

“During the demos, I showed them frog red blood cells and pond water samples with rotifers, algae, nematodes, and ciliates. They gathered around and were breathless as I showed them the microscopic views of the murky water samples.”

“What also amazed me was commitment of Foldscope mentors; young students themselves travelling great distances to teach the most under privileged. Most of them not the most privileged themselves. Schooling in regional language, continuing education with dedication and discipline.”

— Shailja, via Twitter @himdaughter

Team members Jim and Eleanor teaching and igniting curiosity.

“They have a tremendous community of support there, and it is the type of community where I think Foldscope could really have a substantial positive impact — they have amazingly supportive educators and mentors that could make Foldscope a transformational tool for their young minds.”

— Jim Cybulski, CEO of Foldscope

An incredible, inspirational experience for the Foldscope team.