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Big Sur, Little World

One of the great things about the Foldscope is how easy it is to transport and use to explore the ENVIRONMENT. You can bring it along with you on all of your outdoor adventures! One of our team members, Emily, brought along a Foldscope when she went camping in Big Sur.

Below are specimen, ranging from plants to insects, prepared using supplies provided in the Deluxe Individual Kit and visualized microscopically through the Foldscope.

All specimens were found around the campsite, here is the tent set up.

Big Sur is teeming with wildlife - especially insects. These carpenter bees swarmed around the campsite; Emily stumbled upon a bee carcass and decided to dissect it and view it under a Foldscope!

Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee exoskeleton - notice the blue iridescence

Carpenter bee wing

Venation of wing

Carpenter bee leg

Hair on leg

There were lots of different types of plants as well, this small flower was scattered in patches around the campsite.

Small flower

Pollen on anther

As you can see, the opportunities for exploration using the Foldscope are endless. Make sure you pack a Foldscope to bring along on your next adventure!