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THROUGH THE LENS, Vol 22, Issue 10

Foldscoper of the Month, Claudia Mera

Congratulations to our September Foldscoper of the Month, Claudia Mera! 🎉

Throughout September, Claudia published diverse and dynamic posts on Microcosmos. To be considered for this distinguished title, join our Microcosmos community and be the #1 active user— with the highest quality and quantity of posts— during that month.

Claudia Mera is studying biology at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (Peru). The first time Claudia used a microscope was very impactful because she saw onion cells that she had only seen in books before. She was first exposed to research when she was 12 years old and participated in a science workshop called MaCTec. Nowadays, she is a fellow at the Rosalind Franklin Academy of Science.

Claudia shared that a few months ago, the Academy had a Foldscope lesson and that all the girls who attended had that same feeling of awe and wonder.

When asked what Foldscope meant to her she responded, “Totally love Foldscope. Using it was one of my first steps to further investigate and keep my curiosity active, especially with the plants and critters I found in my garden. I am pretty happy to have this tool with me, I can take it wherever I go and see the most impressive micro-cute things to share with friends! Above all, my sister, despite not being into science, also gets fascinated with the pictures we got”.

To be considered for this distinguished title, you must be a part of the Microcosmos Community and be the #1 active user— with the highest quality and quantity of posts— during the month of October. Each Foldscope comes with a unique ID if you have not already, you can use it to register to our online community platform - Microcosmos.








Check out Claudia Mera's amazing discoveries of onion cells (left) and a cookie wrapper (right) on the Microcosmos!

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