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THROUGH THE LENS, Vol 22, Issue 8

Holly Stuart Foldscopes education specialist

Congratulations to our July Foldscoper of the Month, Holly Stuart! 🎉

Holly is Foldscope's education specialist and has taught science education for over 10 years. She was first exposed to scientific research in her senior year of college. It was then she found her love for the scientific process and continued research throughout grad school.

Several years ago, she received an unassembled Foldscope on Christmas. Holly recalls her family anxiously waiting for her to put it together so they could all share the magic of scientific discovery.

Ever since that day, she has been an avid explorer taking her Foldscope wherever she goes and loves to take samples from all of her outdoor hiking adventures.

"Foldscope means everyone in the world can have access to the joy of scientific discovery. So many students miss out on scientific opportunities in school because they don't have the hands-on tools necessary to explore the world around them. Foldscope's allow science to be a part of everyone's life - and I think that is a wonderful thing!" - Holly Stuart

Holly would love for other Foldscopers to follow and tag her in the discoveries that they share on social media. She can be found at @hollyastuart on Twitter and Instagram or @Holly Stuart on Facebook.

To be considered for this distinguished title, you must be a part of the Microcosmos Community and be the #1 active user— with the highest quality and quantity of posts— during that month. Each Foldscope comes with a unique ID if you have not already, you can use it to register to our online community platform - Microcosmos.

Check out Holly's amazing discoveries of a mayfly exoskeleton (left) and macro-invertebrate exoskeleton (right) on Microcosmos!

Check out Foldscope's Blog for Tips & Inspiration 🧠

Team Foldscope's blog is our one-stop shop to hear all about our latest adventures and to provide educational resources for everyone!

Recently we've deployed our Foldscope in the Classroom Series, which is written by our education specialist, Holly Stuart. Once a month we provide teachers with a lesson plan they can take directly into their classroom.

This lesson plan is based on the question: "Can you learn more by observing less?" and is a great foundational resource to utilize just in time for the school year to begin!

You can also check out our other featured blogs this month like Foldscope's adventures in India or read about our Bay area portion of our Fast & Curious Tour.

Foldscope Blog ✍️

Foldscope's Fast & Curious Tour 🚗

Our Houston portion of the Fast & Curious Tour is now complete! We stopped at some wonderful destinations teaching Foldscope education to individuals at Texas State, Rice University, and UT Austin!

These sessions are free 90-minute demos with a maximum amount of 10 attendees. Each participant will receive a free assembled Foldscope and will learn how to use it, prepare samples, and couple it with their phones.

If you are in any of the corresponding areas and are interested in having a session, you can sign up on this Google form.

Foldscope's Fast & Curious Tour is a special program going until September 2022, where our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Dr. Paola Moreno-Roman will be traveling around the US conducting FREE Foldscope Demos.