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THROUGH THE LENS, Vol 22, Issue 7

Foldscoper of the Month, Mo Pandiarajan 

Mo Pandiarajan
Congratulations to our May Foldscoper of the Month, Mo Pandiarajan! 🎉


Throughout May, Mo published 12 diverse and dynamic posts on Microcosmos!

Mo works as a teacher at a small primary school in the village of Muthupatti in Tamil Nadu, India. In the early 90s, the Indian government started a literacy movement. Mo joined the movement and founded the Eden Science Club, a group for school-going and drop-out students in Muthupatti that organizes events and lectures to promote scientific exploration for all.

When Mo was in school, they only had one expensive microscope and it was a highly protected piece of equipment that was to be shared among a large group of people. When he did get the chance to even see samples, they weren't clear, and didn't even know what they were.

When Eden Resource Club received its first Foldscope in 2015, they took an ant as their first sample. From the moment Mo took a closer look at the microscopic world, he felt like he had unlocked the secrets beyond the naked eye.

"Foldscope is the skin of every micro explorer" ~ Mo Pandiarajan

Today, Mo continues to share the excitement of the microscopic world by providing Foldscope trainings for over 100,000 people and counting. This includes Mo’s own son and daughter, who he says “eagerly use their Foldscopes every day!”

To be considered for this distinguished title, you must be a part of the Microcosmos Community and be the #1 active user— with the highest quality and quantity of posts— during that month. Each Foldscope comes with a unique ID if you have not already, you can use it to register to our online community platform - Microcosmos.


Pankusum Pollen
Sunflower Pollen








 Check out Mo's amazing discoveries of pankusum pollen (left) and sunflower pollen (right) on the Microcosmos!

Check out Foldscope's Youtube for Great Tips & Inspiration 🎥

Foldscope at Home

Calathea Stomata Foldscope at Home
Foldscope at Home is our special series where we take a look at everyday explorations you can put under the Foldscope! Check out our most recent Foldscope at Home of sea glass that was made in honor of World Oceans Day! Calathea Stomata Foldscope at Home Sea Glass Foldscope at Home



Foldscope Tutorials


foldscope phone coupler tool


Our tutorials will teach you everything you need to know about using Foldscope. Whether it's assembly, viewing, or slide preparation this playlist has you covered. Check out our latest phone coupler tool tips video. Foldscope Assembly foldscope phone coupler tool




Foldscope In Microscopy Today's Latest Issue

We're so excited to be featured in Microscopy Today, Volume 30, Issue 3! The article was written by Foldscope's Director of Strategic Partnerships, Paola Moreno-Roman, and Grant Coordinator, Katie Bobick. This engaging read covers great things that Foldscope is doing in its outreach, research, and future endeavors. 

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