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Introducing the MicroRealms Projector

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Introducing the MicroRealms Projector, your new portable microscope by Foldscope Instruments. This isn't like any microscope you've seen before – we've combined our low-cost borosilicate ball lens with a portable projector to let you quickly see and share anything under a microscope.

The inspiration came after our last Kickstarter campaign – in the process of distributing over 2 million Foldscope Paper Microscopes, we noticed that everyone's first reaction to seeing something under a microscope was to share what they saw with others. We think science is a social activity, so shouldn't your tools be as collaborative as you are?
Crafted for ease of use, just click, twist, and raise the MicroRealms projector to discover what’s in your sample.
Explore our selection of curated microscopy trading cards – every card contains a real embedded specimen and stunning educational diagrams. Compatible with the MicroRealms Projector as well as the original Foldscope, Foldscope 2.0, and the Foldscope Mini

Keep your MicroRealms Trading Cards organized in the Collector Card Box! Included in the Trailblazer Kits, the Collector Card Box holds up to 30 trading cards.


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You can be our partner and help support the mission of Foldscope by donating to our financial affiliate. Funds will be used to support our social mission.