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  • by Paola Moreno-Roman
  • Science lessons leap off textbook pages and come to life when students use microscopes. Here’s what to consider when investing in microscopes for schools.
  • Whether they fly, crawl, or float, bugs are everywhere. Learn how to study insects under the microscope and appreciate the complexity of the insect world.
  • Scientists use microscopes to study them, but many tiny creatures remain uncategorized. So, what are aquatic invertebrates, and where are they found?
  • Summary:

    • Sand is a great way to ease into the new school year
    • Sand is interdisciplinary
    • Sand makes science fun
    • Share your observations with others to show what you learned!
  • The relationship between Foldscope Instruments and Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District (Cy-Fair ISD, Texas) began one year ago during the pandemic. At the time, Cy-Fair ISD was looking for creative ways to engage teachers and students with science and found Foldscope. One year later and approximately 3,600 Foldscopes distributed, here we are as a team deploying Foldscope training services for middle and high school teachers. The goal is to prepare Cy-Fair teachers to incorporate Foldscopes as their newest classroom tool to excite and engage students in STEM learning. 
  • It may sound implausible, but you can make a functioning scientific instrument for under $2.00. What is a foldable microscope and how does it work?
  • Microscopes have led to discoveries in many scientific fields, from physics to botany. Learn 5 benefits of looking at plants under a microscope.
  • Technological and scientific advancements depend on educating young people in STEM fields. Learn why microscopes are important for student engagement.
  • TL;DR

    • Close observation helps improve focus
    • Close observation involves all five senses
    • Close observation is interdisciplinary
    • Share your observations with others to show what you learned!
  • You’ve probably heard of STEM education, but do you know what STEM education is and why it’s important? Learn the definition and benefits of STEM education.